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Keynote Speaker

Kelly McGonigal

Health Psychologist, Lecturer and Author, Stanford University

As a pioneer in the field of "science-help," her mission is to translate insights from psychology and neuroscience into practical strategies that support personal well-being and strengthen communities.

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Keynote Speaker

Roman Mars

Creator + Host, 99% Invisible

Roman Mars is the host and creator of 99% Invisible, a short radio show about design and architecture.

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Andy Budd

Managing Director, Clearleft

As a renown UX Designer and CEO of Clearleft, Andy helps companies like The BBC, Virgin Holidays and Penguin Random House with issues of digital transformation.

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Caryn Vainio

Lead UX Designer, VREAL

Caryn Vainio's career started in video games, where she spent over a decade working on user experience and interface design for games on every platform.


Tim Jenison

Chairman of the Board, NewTek, Inc., NewTek, Inc.

Tim Jenison is considered the visionary force behind the desktop video revolution.


Anna Pickard

Creative Director, Voice and Tone at Slack, Slack

Anna Pickard is a creative director at Slack, charged not only with bringing voice and personality to a piece of software, and everything around it, but also maintaining that energy, entertainment and charm across a dramatically-expanding company.


Camille DePutter

Storyteller, Storytelling with Heart

Camille DePutter specializes in helping people tell their stories.


Mystical Arts of Tibet

Tibetan monks of Drepung Loseling Monastery, Mystical Arts of Tibet

The Mystical Arts of Tibet is a world tour endorsed by His Holiness the Dalai Lama to promote world peace and healing by sharing Tibet’s rich and authentic sacred performing and visual arts with modern audiences.


Gene Kogan

Programmer and artist,

Gene Kogan is an artist and a programmer who is interested in generative systems, artificial intelligence, and software for creativity and self-expression.

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Elizabeth Buie

Senior User Experience Consultant, Sigma Consulting Solutions Ltd

Elizabeth Buie has recently returned “home” to UX practice after an immersive excursion into academia, for which she crossed the pond to do a PhD at Northumbria University -- and for which she has successfully defended her thesis.

Molly steenson

Molly W Steenson

Associate Professor , Carnegie Mellon School of Design

Molly Wright Steenson is a designer, author, professor, and international speaker whose work focuses on the intersection of design, architecture, and artificial intelligence.

Isabelle headshot

Isabelle D'Arcy

Virtual Reality Evangelist, The Extended Mind

Isabelle D'Arcy is a Virtual Reality Evangelist at the Extended Mind. The Extended Mind focuses on how body movement and cues in the environment affect VR users thoughts, feelings, and actions.


Marsha Haverty

Experience Architect, Autodesk

Marsha Haverty is an Experience Architect at Autodesk focused on making sure people who make things always have the right tool at hand for the situation. She also leads information architecture efforts within products.

Peterprofilepic small

Peter Lewis

Head of Commerce Product Design, Capital One

Peter Lewis is Head of Commerce Product Design at Capital One, where he leads teams to define, design, and deliver product experiences that improve people's lives.


Jessica Outlaw

Behavioral Scientist and VR Researcher, The Extended Mind

Jessica Outlaw, M.S., is a VR/AR experience researcher and founder of Data Driven LLC.

Whitneyhess xl

Whitney Hess

Empathy Coach, Vicarious Partners

Whitney Hess is a coach, mediator, and facilitator helping people bring their whole selves to their work. Her life’s mission is to put humanity back into business.

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Chris Baum

Partner, Futuredraft

With his two decades of design practice, Chris fuses a wide range of disciplines together in service to executing powerful design solutions.


Jorge Arango

Partner, Futuredraft

Jorge Arango is an information architect with over 20 years of experience designing digital products and services.

Boonsheridan webres10180

Boon Sheridan

Designer, Coincidental Arts

Over the last twenty years Boon has had job titles like site producer, content specialist, information architect, interaction designer, user researcher, stage manager, and voice-over actor.

Steve portigal ux15

Steve Portigal

Principal , Portigal Consulting

Steve Portigal helps companies to think and act strategically when innovating with user insights. He is principal of Portigal Consulting, author of 'Interviewing Users' and host of the 'Dollars to Donuts' podcast.

Kendra primarytc

Kendra Shimmell

Head of Service Design, Capital One

Kendra is Head of Service Design for Adaptive Path at Capital One. Prior to that, she was Managing Director at Cooper, an award-winning design and business strategy consultancy.

Iran narges ux 2014

Iran Narges

Director, Service Design, Capital One

Iran aspires to make things that are both useful and beautiful. She describes her work as clean, authentic, and purposeful. She has strong minimalist tendencies, with occasional outbursts of exuberance.

Jess 2016 headshot 01 squareap

Jess McMullin

Principal, Situ Strategy

Jess has worked in design and user experience since 1996. He realized early on that to make the biggest impact he needed to consider the entire system, from service delivery to organizational change.

Alastair somerville ux15

Alastair Somerville

Sensory Design Consultant, Acuity Design

Alastair Somerville is a sensory design consultant. He provides specialist advice on cognition and human centered design to companies and public organisations who provide physical and digital products and services.

Peter merholz mx16

Peter Merholz

VP of Design, Snagajob

Peter Merholz co-founded Adaptive Path in 2001. He is also perhaps most (in)famous for coining the word “blog” in 1999.


Karen McGrane

Managing Partner, Bond Art + Science

For nearly 20 years Karen has helped create more usable digital products through the power of user experience design and content strategy.

Matt nish lapidus

Matt Nish-Lapidus

Designer, Artist, and Teacher, Independent/CIID

Matt is an independent designer and creative technologist based in Toronto, Canada, a design instructor at the Copenhagen Institute of Interaction Design (CIID), and an active musician and artist.

Alla15.jpeg %281%29

Alla Zollers

Leadership Coach & Culture Designer, We ♥ Work

Alla wants to live in a world where every person feels seen, heard, and valued at work. She believes loving our work is a human right, not a privilege.


Ethan Marcotte

Web designer, author of “Responsive Web Design”,

Ethan Marcotte is an independent web designer based in Boston, Massachusetts. A few years ago, he coined the term “responsive web design" to describe a new way of designing for the ever-changing Web.


Cornelius Rachieru

Managing Director, Ampli2de Inc.

Cornelius is the founder of Canadian UX consultancy Ampli2de Inc., where he explores his fascination with the politics of design while tackling large scale experience and service design problems.

Scott sullivan

Scott Sullivan

Service Designer, Capital One

Scott Sullivan is a service designer at Adaptive Path and the author of Designing for Wearables. He has a background in theater, modern dance, creative technology, interactive performance art, and visual design.


Elizabeth Sampat

Game Design Lead, SYBO Games

Elizabeth Sampat is an award-winning game designer and activist.


Andrew Lovett-Barron

Fellow, Technology in the Public Interest, New America

Andrew is the first designer with the US Digital Service team at the Department of Defense.

Erik dahl uxweek16

Erik Dahl

Researcher, Strategist, Designer, Independent Consultant

Erik works as an interaction designer, user experience designer, information architect and design anthropologist, and works on everything from websites, applications, products, wearables, environments, and services.