Andrew Lovett-Barron is a Technology in the Public Interest fellow at New America. Previously, he was the first product designer on the US Digital Service team at the Department of Defense under President Obama, and was a Principal Designer and Product Manager at IDEO where he worked with clients like Planned Parenthood, Ford Smart Mobility, and IKEA. He currently runs Pedal Pedal, an inclusive cycling application, and previously founded Relay Studio in Toronto.

As a consultant, founder, artist, and teacher, Andrew has spent the past decade living at every stage of the product lifecycle and developing a theory of sustainable product design in the networked age. At Stanford, he taught the Decay of Digital Things, a d.school course exploring decay in the design of internet of things objects and business. He’s been a commissioned installation artist by institutions like OCAD University, the City of Toronto, and the Toronto International Film Festival, and was a founding board member of the Urban+Digital think tank in Toronto, which has since become Code for Canada.

Andrew is focused on human centered design in the public sector, the networked city, and developing frameworks for sustainable social product ventures. He is a dual citizen of the United States and Canada, studied Political Science at the University of Toronto, and is a resident of Washington, DC.

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