Marsha Haverty is an Experience Architect at Autodesk focused on making sure people who make things always have the right tool at hand for the situation. She also leads information architecture efforts within products.

Instead of following her plan to start her Ph.D. in biology, Marsha came across the fledgling, yet-to-be-called UX field by a cross reference in a 1995 graduate school guide in a physical library. Drawn to the idea of structuring and visualizing information, she designed a spatial, adaptive hypertext system to support serendipitous discovery as part of her Master of Science in (now-called) Human Centered Design and Engineering at the University of Washington. An excerpt from her thesis is published as a chapter in Cognitive Support for Learning: Imagining the Unknown.

Prior to Autodesk, she designed interactive data visualizations to help information security teams make sense of large amounts of ever-changing data about the attack surface across an enterprise. The Center for Data Innovation named Marsha among 15 women in data to follow on Twitter in 2014.

Marsha has long-held interest the development of UX as a field. Her 2002 paper in Journal of the Association for Information Science and Technology has been used as core curriculum for information architecture programs in the US and abroad, and she contributes to the Academic’s and Practitioner’s Roundtable on Reframing IA at the Information Architecture Summit. She is currently focused on bringing to the UX field design implications from ecological psychology. 

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