A workshop to help you make customer journeys a part of your design toolset. When we’re done you'll walk away with examples of what they can do, methods to crank them out in various scenarios, and hands-on experience of doing them as a group with guidance and critique along the way.

I’ll spend the first part showing what journeys can help teams accomplish, where they work well, and how they contribute to iteration and collaboration. We’ll talk about how goals, audiences, and actions help bring a journey to life for your projects. The emphasis will be on tactical approaches, getting beyond ‘blank sheet syndrome,’ and the little things that can hinder the process. We’ll use explicit examples of problems and work on them with an eye to the second half of the workshop.

The second part will be focused on group exercises creating a customer journey. Small groups will take apart problems on and put them back together with help from each other and myself going from group to group. We’ll take breaks to share work, critique, and discuss what the teams have created. At the end I’ll close out with a few words and some spirited Q&A, and some links, tips and worksheets to help you make your own.

What topics will be covered?

Customer journeys, collaboration, problem-solving, pre-design work, sketching, and more.

What exercises will be done?

Creating a journey from scratch, with what we've learned from the opening discussions.

What will the audience take away from this workshop?

How to get through early disagreements before the design phase.
How to get partners and clients to collaborate early in the creative process.
Low-fidelity methods to iterate on important design issues.

Any requirements for attending?