Visualization is an increasingly important part of making sense of our highly networked, data-rich world. Using a combination of interpretive methods and representational techniques, we will explore various ways visualization can make invisible relationships, structures, and stories visible. Drawing inspiration from the history of visualization, the principles of interactive media, and the foundations of graphic design, we will learn how to extend the capabilities of ordinary perception to tell stories and draw insight from information.

During this workshop we will use primarily analog techniques (no computers!) to practice creating compelling data visualizations using a variety of data. We will learn how to collect, classify, encode, display data, and use interactivity to construct relationships and meaning. The course will involve data mangling, drawing, and paper prototyping.

What topics will be covered?

- How to clean and sort data sets

- Visual encoding of data

- Creating structured relationships with data

- Paper prototyping

- Sketching visualizations

What exercises will be done?

- Basic data collection

- Cleaning data from a spreadsheet

- Developing a visual language for a data set

- Drawing/sketching visualizations from different perspectives

What will the audience take away from this workshop?

Learning expectations:

- Learn how to collect, classify, and visually encode simple data sets

- Learn the foundations of data visualization

- Practicing using metaphor, visual relationships, and interaction to make meaning out of data

- Develop skills to tell a story with data

Any requirements for attending?