Augmented reality apps, such as Pokémon Go, let people see digital renderings in their physical reality. Apple, Facebook, and Snapchat are patenting techniques to insert digital images on top of real world objects. In Virtual Reality, on the other hand, the physical world disappears and designers are imagining all new interactions, pattern libraries, and in-app physics. Come to this workshop to get a grounding in the tech that’s available to today and how to create experiences for the future. 

Part 1: Overview and demos of Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality, Mixed Reality (VR/AR/MR). Intro and Welcome. Grounding in the state of the technology today. Participants will demo VR/AR technology. 

Part 2: Using the human body as the interface 
Techniques for interaction design in AR/VR/MR.  Input via controllers, glasses, and eventually neural laces. The potential to optimize communication between a user and an application when the human body is the interface. 

What topics will be covered?

Augmented Reality, Virtual Reality, Mixed Reality and their potential to influence industries. Showing specific examples of how AR/VR are already transforming education, entertainment, travel and other industries. And how they are impacting range of experiences such as a restaurant meal, a music concert, a hotel room, or people's homes.

What exercises will be done?

Participants demo mobile VR, Microsoft Hololens, etc. They fill out reflection sheets on what they learn and where they see potential in their individual fields. Later on, small groups of participants will create custom interactions for a VR experience. IGroups will come up with interactions (such as in-air gestures) that the player can use to walk, teleport, navigate menus, etc. Everyone will debrief on the potential for custom interactions to impact an experience.

What will audiences take away from this workshop?

Grasp of the fundamental capabilities of augmented reality and virtual reality technologies. Secondly, experience doing interaction design for VR. Inspired to be more involved in VR!

Any requirements for attending?